Why Leash L.A.?
Because of love.  
Love is possibly the worlds best motivator, and it is certainly what motivates Leash L.A.

Owner Alyssa Rosenthal was born and raised in the peaceful mountains of Northern California. With the Trinity forest as her backyard and the family pets as her best friends, Alyssa grew to know dogs as the truest companions, and nature as the best playground. Through the years she has continued to learn about and from dogs, cherishing each opportunity to grow, learn and pursue a dream filled with joy, laughter, respect and most of all love.  

Alyssa started working with dogs professionally in 2008. She founded Leash L.A. to continue her passion and love for working with dogs in nature. She is First Aid and CPR certified for cats and dogs through The American Red Cross and has attended many training and dog behavior classes and workshops. 

Alyssa and Leash L.A. are so happy to be providing dogs and their owners with professional service straight from the heart.  

Welcome, we can't wait to meet you!